Board of Directors


Junior League of Annapolis’ Board of Directors is comprised of the Officers of the League, the Executive Vice President, the Nominating Director, the Sustaining Director and one to two at-large Directors. All members are volunteers in good standing who are elected for a term of two years where practicable, with the exception of the President-Elect who serves her second year as President. The Nominating Committee prepares the slate for any Board openings annually and this slate is approved by general membership.

Junior League of Annapolis, Inc. strives to maintain an ideal proportion of diverse women who have served on the organization’s Board during the previous year, have served on the Board in the past, and are serving on the Board for the first time. This proportion meets the organization’s mission of providing training opportunities for our membership, while maintaining an experienced Board of Directors.

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 2018-2019 Board of Directors
 President  Jennifer Nolty
 President-Elect  Megan Esposito
 Executive Vice President  Racheal McConnaughhay
 Treasurer  Amanda Apple-Leishman
 Secretary  Christine Krone
 Nominating Director  Tara Mitchell
 Sustainer Director  Lindsey Hubbard
 At-Large Director (New Member) Calandra Layne
 At-Large Director (Consulting)  Sarah Jane Dunaway
 Parliamentarian Eve Mauney