Iris Rowand

Iris Rowand holds the position of Treasurer and is also a member the Investment Committee.

A retired Chief Master Sergeant from the United States Air Force, Iris joined Junior League of Annapolis, Inc. (JLA) in 2012.  She served on both the Provisional and External Communications committees before becoming Treasurer-Elect during the 2013-2014 league year.  Having served our Nation for 28 years, Iris was eager to join a local organization to experience life outside of the military, to meet new people, and to continue serving in a new capacity.  She put her great experience to test by becoming Treasurer in order to learn a new and challenging field.  She enjoys the position and the challenges associated with it.  As Treasurer, she interacts with all committees of the league and has met many great women that she hopes to be friends with for years to come.

Iris holds an Associate of Arts degree in Construction Technology from the Community College of the United States Air Force, a Bachelor of Science degree in Law and Public Policy from the University of Maryland, and a Master of Science in Business Administration from the University of Maryland.  She has been employed as a Senior Analyst in the Defense sector for the past six years.  She is a well-respected member of the league, a great asset and team player, and a staunch advocate for the mission and success of JLA.