Sustainer Director

Racheal McConnaughhay

Racheal McConnaughhay, M.S.M., serves as the Sustaining Director for the Board of Directors committee as well as a strategic planning sub-committee member for the Junior League of Annapolis (JLA). Before her current position, Racheal served on the board as At-Large Member, Executive Vice President and member of the Nominating Committee. She has also been a Consultant, Provisional Committee Co-Chair and a member of the Internal Communication and Gala committees. Racheal’s accomplishments within the committees include: planning two strategic plans, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Management Team, coordinating a League social wine tasting at Bin 201, and planning and executing league fundraising events such as Pigs & Pearls, Cash Bash, and Unwind in the Vines.

In addition to her League responsibilities, Racheal is a conflict of interest specialist for a government agency in the Washington, D.C. area. She has experience in employee ethics, government consulting, and retail sales, including working for a fashion showroom and cosmetic packaging firm in New York City. Upon returning to Washington, D.C., to pursue additional education, she transitioned to employee ethics work as an intern through the federal government’s Pathways Program. From her internship, she built her career within the ethics field to her career now in federal advisory committee support. One of her achievements includes coordinating a staff training series at a government agency. The training enhanced staff management and leadership skills through presentations, interactive activities, and open discussions addressing core leadership and management issues.

Racheal also received the 2015 Diversity award from National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute for her representation on the human capital committee. Racheal is a graduate of The Catholic University of America with a Master of Science in Management and West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising. While at West Virginia University, she was a member of the Chi Omega Theta chapter.

Today, Racheal lives in Riva, MD. with her husband and two girls.