Three Questions with Lisa Delgado, JLA’s Finance Director

With JLA’s new Governance structure, the Governance Board is responsible for the strategic direction of the League and the Management Council is responsible for the daily operations.

Lisa Delgado is Finance Director, serving on the Governance Board for 2015-2016. Lisa has been a member of JLA since 2011 and has served as Cookbook Chair and Financial Resources VP.

Lisa divides her time between working from home and traveling to NYC for business. Lisa and her husband Matt moved to Annapolis from Washington, DC nine years ago, and now have an infant daughter, Ruby. Lisa shared the following as she reflected on her time with JLA.

What are the three qualities that define who you are today?

     Having a positive attitude, integrity and being thankful

What’s the best career advice you’ve gotten?

     The grass is not always greener on the other side

What keeps you grounded?

     My parents

Why do you volunteer?

     No matter how hectic my personal and professional life become, I am consistently re-energized by the women in JLA. Whether it is volunteering, a board meeting, a GMM, a fundraising event or coffee with a JLA friend, I am constantly reminded why I continue to support this mission. A powerful group of diverse women is extremely motivating.

Lisa Delgado Headshot