Recap: December Luncheon

It’s hard to believe that 2013 has already come and gone. Junior League of Annapolis, Inc. experienced quite a wonderful year, ending on a very high note with our December Luncheon at Loews Annapolis Hotel. Several past presidents spoke about our beloved Junior League chapter, their experiences serving as president, and the decisions that led them into such a position.

For those of you who could not attend our December Luncheon, we have gathered together a few of the photographs from the event for you to view. We are also thrilled to provide you with a transcript of Past President Ruth Gray’s speech. Unfortunately, she was unable to attend and speak at our event, but she was kind enough to forward along her speech, which we just had to share with all of you!

Stay tuned on the blog for a few additional 2013 event recaps, including a special posting on what’s to come in 2014 and events you won’t want to miss!

“Once upon a time, about 65 years ago, in a glorious kingdom by the Bay, eight stalwart and most beautiful women joined forces to make their kingdom a better place.”

And that, dear friends, is how it all started. Eight women who wanted to make a difference in their community had an idea and moved forward with it.  And the rest, they say, is history!

And history is exactly what I will be addressing today.  I will be discussing our “roots” from the late 60s to our League’s first full year in 1983.

I first arrived in Annapolis in 1967, after graduating from college, to work at NSA. I actually stayed at home in Chicago a few months after graduating to complete my Provisional training. I was told by Chicago JL that my membership would be transferred to the Junior League of Baltimore.  Annapolis had no League, but there were members living there who also belong to JLB.

When I arrived, I went to a monthly meeting of the Annapolis Committee of the Junior League of Baltimore, a group of 30 or so members living in Annapolis.

It’s hard to believe that was 46 years ago!  And I’m not sure if I have all the facts 100% correct, but here it goes!

Continue reading: JLA Holiday Speech by Ruth Gray.

Junior League of Annapolis Holiday Luncheon

Fall 2013 Provisional Class

Junior League of Annapolis Holiday Luncheon

President Hope Stewart with Past Presidents of the Junior League of Annapolis

Junior League of Annapolis Holiday Luncheon Junior League of Annapolis Holiday Luncheon