Facebook Fundraisers

Start a Facebook fundraiser for the Junior League of Annapolis on your birthday or favorite holiday!

Step 1

There are a few ways to create a fundraiser from your Facebook Page:

  1. From a Desktop go to facebook.com/fundraisers/, Click the blue Select Nonprofit button.
  2. From your Page, click the “+” button next to your name in the top right. Create a fundraiser by clicking the Fundraiser, select “Nonprofit”

Step 2

Select Nonprofit

Step 3

Search and select Junior League of Annapolis when asked to Choose a Nonprofit?

Step 4

Customize your fundraiser. Facebook will autogenerate answers for each question below, you are perfectly welcome to leave each field as is or customize some or all of it.
Note: The more personalized you can make your fundraiser the best it usually performs. Your friends and family will want to know why this cause is important to you.

  • How much do you want to raise?
  • When should your fundraiser end?
  • What’s the title of your fundraiser?
  • Why are you raising money?
  • Cover Photo?

Step 5

Click Create, and your fundraiser will be live to the public.