Sarah Jane Dunaway

Sarah Jane Dunaway is Secretary-Elect. She has been a member of Junior League for nine years. Her first four years with Junior League of Seattle, one year with Junior League of Washington (DC) and the rest of her time has been spent with JLA. She continues to pursue a longstanding tradition in her family as a member of the Junior League. Both her mother and grandmother and her three great aunts have served Junior League in other areas, including as President of the Atlanta, Charleston and Richmond leagues. Her most recent accolade is the re-branding of JLA and website.

A military brat to the core, she spent her childhood moving between the east and west coasts. She was born in Seattle, but as a third generation Annapolitan, always considered Annapolis her home base. After attending the University of Alabama, Sarah Jane moved to Seattle to pursue an advertising career as a Specification Representative in the paper and printing industry. Several years later, she met her now husband while eating a slice of Red Velvet Cake at 49 West Street Cafe in Annapolis. She moved back to Annapolis shortly after, and bought a home in Eastport before the birth of her first daughter, Mae (who is now almost 2 years old).

Sarah Jane is the creator and writer behind the lifestyle blog, Clean & Proper ( and the owner of D+S Design (—an advertising and graphic design agency focused on small businesses. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from University of Alabama. This year, she moved to Washington, DC with her family where they will be living for the next couple of years while her husband attends graduate school.