Kathy Ebner

333 members

This past year was a very positive one for JLA.  Our theme  “Soaring With Our Strengths” encouraged League members to reflect and build  on their personal strengths. The year was filled with a spirit of teamwork, enthusiasm and fresh ideas!  We completed 98% of JLA’s Strategic Plan goal objectives.  In addition, the following are highlights of the year:


Goal #1:  Increase member awareness and knowledge of JLA Structure and AJLI.

  • Conducted mini-trainings at GMM on topics such as, the straw ballot process and parliamentary procedure.
  • Cook Brogan, AJLI Area I Director and Sustainer spoke at JLA’s Annual Lunch regarding various Sustaining member issues.
  • Held Placement Information night at the March GMM, which allowed Committee Chairs to give short presentation about their committees.
  • Revamped the format of The Log, which made it more readable and user friendly.
  • Implemented a Nominating & Placement Ad-hoc Committee to address issues regarding communication of N&P related processes to the membership.


Goal #2: Increase visibility of JLA in the community and awareness of community organizations.

  • Implemented the first year of the Reach Out and Read Project, collecting over 1600 books and reading to over 350 children. The project was conducted in collaboration with the Anne Arundel Medical Center.
  • Continued work at KIVA house, mentoring to troubled teens, providing them with recreational and life learning skills.
  • Continued Kids On The Block project, and conducted over 14 performances for over 4,000 children.
  • Provided an opportunity for membership to complete Community Action Projects, in lieu of an October General Membership meeting. Projects were in support of Domestic Violence Awareness month, Teen Court, ROAR and Emergency Baby Pantry.
  • Continued Community Assistance Donations, awarding $750 to CASA, (Court Appointed Special Advocates) and $875 to Pioneers in Action.
  • Continued Bookbag project, providing over 700 bags to children in 5 area elementary schools.
  • Developed and implemented a Volunteer Fair, in collaboration with the United Way of Central Maryland.
  • Developed and distributed a JLA marketing brochure for use at JLA fundraisers, membership Open Houses and other League events.
  • Continued JLA’s Excellence in Voluntarism Award. This year’s award was given to Imelda Herzinger for her work on Holiday Sharing in conjunction with Department of Social Services and the Medical Society Alliance of Anne Arundel County. Also, continued participation in the Scholarship for Scholars program.
  • Continued work with JLM supporting 5 important legislative bills.


Goal #3: Increase Membership Diversity as it relates to JLA’s mission statement, and retention by at least 10% per year.

  • Approved a two tiered active member requirement structure, with members with 5+ years of service having fewer fundraising obligations than members with 1-4 years of experience. This was done to help increase senior membership retention.
  • Approved a Multicultural Development standing committee for next year, to develop and maintain a multicultural plan for JLA. Adopted a policy on celebrating diversity and multiculturalism.
  • Continued membership socials, such as a holiday party, wine tasting and a golf outing.


Goal #4: Research and Develop the future direction of the League.

  • Voted in a new focus area of Mentoring, beginning League year 2000/2001.
  • Utilized Community Advisory Board at a Combined Council meeting to facilitate small group discussions on focus area ideas for the League. The CAB also attended the November GMM to help aid in the development of a new focus area.
  • JLA’s Board carefully reviewed and updated the Strategic Plan.


Goal #5: Increase Financial Strength

  • Successfully held Carousel at a new location, the Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds, and a new date, 2nd Saturday in April, due to renovations at the Medford National Guard Armory. Carousel raised approximately $13,000.
  • Developed and implemented the Inaugural Star Chefs Gourmet Auction, in collaboration with the March of Dimes of Central Maryland. The Gourmet Auction raised over $35,000, with proceeds shared equally between JLA and MOD.
  • Developed and Implemented Queen of Hearts Tea, which served as a mini-fundraiser, as well as a community social event for the League. The event was attended by more than 400 people, and raised approximately $2,000.
  • Cookbook sales continued to be very strong with approximately $75,000 raised. This year, in our 6th printing, we sold more than 6,200 books, with more than 35,000 books sold to date.
  • Resource Development continued its efforts, securing approximately $8,500 in grant money for League projects.


Goal #6: Increase member’s skills knowledge and abilities to be more effectively trained volunteers.

  • Developed a meeting code of conduct, which addressed many issues related to General Membership Meetings, such as the presence of children at meetings.
  • Continued tremendous development of the League’s Sustainer members through the structuring of the Sustainer group/activities and the implementation of a Sustainer Board.
  • Instituted an Education & Training Ad-hoc committee to explore and develop training opportunities for all levels of the League.
  • Several League members attended the 1999 Mid Atlantic conference held in Harrisburg, PA.
  • Continued training at February Area Group meetings with Dr. Debbie Wood from Chesapeake Children’s Museum speaking about various children’s issues and Chris Poulsen, President of Coordinators of Volunteers of Anne Arundel County (COVAAC), spoke about how to be a better volunteer.


More than 17,000 hours of volunteer time were contributed by JLA members.  We accomplished our mission to promote voluntarism, develop the potential of women, and improve the community.  Through the establishment of several new collaborative partnerships, we promoted voluntarism in our community.  By providing varied placements, training and opportunities, we have developed the potential of our League members, and we have committed many of our resources to improving the community.  In fact, program expenses comprised more than 76% of our total expenses.   All in all the 1998/1999 League year was a very successful one for JLA!