Kathy Lee Sterritt
260 Total Members (143 Actives, 117 Sustainers)
2nd year of 5 year Strategic Plan

Goal 1:  Increase member awareness and knowledge of JLA structure and AJLI.

  • Provisionals were instructed on the organizational structure of JLA including council system, straw ballot process, AJLI.
  • Revised Bylaws and Policies and Procedures. Apprised members.
  • Training
    • Provisional Class Training – mentioned above
    • GMM Training – Effective Committee Membership, Conflict Resolution, and Public Speaking.
    • Leadership Training – Sessions held in coordination with President-Elect.
    • Conferences open to Membership – Mid-Atlantic Leadership Conference, Organizational Development Institute, LAMW Seminar, and League of Women Voters Seminar.
  • Difficult getting Sustainer involvement with a mentoring program.
  • KIVA and Emergency Baby pantry addressed the membership with their issues.

Goal 2 Increase community visibility and awareness.

  • Held two Community Advisory Board (CAB) meetings to receive input on our Strategic Plan, moving our headquarters and community needs, as well as our projects we presented to the membership.
  • Held Community Roundtable on Family Issues with a 30% increase in attendance.
  • Year round publicity done. JLA brochure begun as well as work on an Annual Report.
  • Participated in Anne Arundel County Volunteer day with KIVA kids.
  • Members sat on three new boards: Volunteer Center, LAMW, and the Women’s Alliance of Maryland as well as remaining on the Anne Arundel Council of Community Services. Joined the Annapolis Chamber of Commerce.
  • Community leaders who participated in our events include: Diane Evans-Roundtable, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend-JLM Day, and Joanne Saltzburg-GMM Meeting.
  • Invited membership to KIVA to help with a program.
  • Membership was asked to help Emergency Baby pantry with solicitations and with coupons.
  • Bookbag project continued.
  • Held successful JLM day.
  • Emergency Baby Pantry helped more than 1,200 needy Anne Arundel County children and collected over $40,000 in donations and cash.
  • KIVA initiated a USNA Midshipman tutoring program and continued the dedicated task of working with troubled teens.
  • Community Awards.
    • Scholarships for Scholars, $1,500.
    • Community Assistance Donations, $4,000 to: Love and Action, Hospice for the Chesapeake, Interfaith Care Givers, and EXCEL Housing Foundation.
    • Excellence in Volunteerism, $500 to: Ruth Jones of the Allen Tenant Association.

Goal 3:  Increase Membership Diversity and Retention by at Least 20% per year.

  • Flextime status approved to give members more flexibility.
  • Socials were held monthly for membership to network.
  • Membership accountability issue addressed.
  • President attended networking session of the Anne Arundel Council of Community Service, Chesapeake Children’s Museum and Volunteer Center.
  • Greeters were stationed by the doors of our GMM meetings to ease the unfamiliarity of anyone coming to these meetings.
  • 32 new actives received.

Goal 4:  Plan and Implement a JLA Signature Project.

  • Survey showed membership not ready for Signature Project.
  • Kids on the Block project revitalized.

Goal 5 Increase Financial Strength

  • Solicited membership through the mail for monetary donation to the Endowment Fund. Donations totaled $165.
  • $11,500 / $13,635 solicited for JLA sponsored projects from corporate, foundations and grants.
  • 3 Major fundraisers.
  • Carousel/Preview Party, $20,485.28
  • Fall Fund Raiser. $8,180.00
  • Cookbook, $70,185.15
  • $5,500 / $13,635 government support for projects.

Other highlights:

AJLI passed External Policy resolution on Early Detection and Prevention on Breast and Cervical Cancer.

Moved to new headquarters with the help of a Headquarters Ad Hoc Committee.  They researched thoroughly and also staying at present site.

Timeline initiated so entire League would know big picture of events.

Bookkeeper hired to assist Treasurer.