1994 – 1995

Deborah D. Richardson

JLA’s fourteenth year was one of growth and renewed energy. Our slogan for the year, “Caring Women, Creative Solutions, Changing Annapolis,” was very appropriate.


  • The Board’s ‘94-’95 goals – to run a more efficient organization, to increase community visibility, to heighten membership satisfaction, were realized.
  • Administratively, we acquired donated furniture, appliances and equipment for our new headquarters.
  • League records were streamlined onto the main computer. The membership database was updated, a new hard drive and programs were installed to meet increased demands. JLA connected to AJLI’s Bulletin Board System, a fax machine was purchased and the cookbook office was set up for delivery and distribution.
  • A new Administrative Assistant was hired in November whose job description included additional bookkeeping responsibilities and assistance to the League Treasurer.

League Highlights:

  • Member participation in an OSA (Organized Self Assessment Survey) which lead to development of a five-year Strategic Plan
  • Elimination of membership age requirement
  • Of Tide and Thyme cookbook published
  • Honorary Status for Past Presidents granted
  • Fall Fund Raising event established
  • Emergency Baby Pantry became a new League project.

Membership Council:

  • The ‘94-’95 Provisional course and manual was re-written. Thirty-five provisionals became active.
  • Membership recruitment was restructured as a separate team, with a budget of its own. A recruitment brochure was developed with a plan for on-going recruitment. Member-at-Large was also given its own budget.
  • JLA voted to eliminate age restriction as a membership requirement. Any woman, 21 years or older and committed to voluntarism, may become and remain an active member. Any member, after eight years active service or at the age of 40, may choose to become a Sustaining member.

Communications Council:

  • Administration & Events committee name was changed to Meetings & Events.
  • A variety of community leaders were invited to speak at our General Membership Meetings.
    • November Area Group Meetings emphasized training. A “fireside chat” was held at the President’s home for League leaders.
    • Our December luncheon honored the Past Presidents of the JLA.
  • The second regional Mid-Atlantic training conference was held in Baltimore in January. Thirteen Leagues from four states heard Nancy Evans, AJLI President, speak on the issue of allowing men to join the organization.
  • The February GMM offered members the choice to attend a daytime or evening meeting.
  • A general membership “speak-out” was held in March.
  • April was our annual voting meeting and community recognition of grants and awards. Jane Morrell, Executive Director of Foodlink, received the Excellence in Volunteerism Award. Community Assistance Fund awarded grants of $710 to the Bereavement Center, Hospice of the Chesapeake, $520 to CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), $220 to Chrysalis House. The 1995 Scholarship for Scholars recipient for the JLA Voluntarism Scholarship of $1,500 was Katherine E. Kirby of Old Mill Senior High School.
  • The May Annual Dinner recognized Community Advisory Board and Corporate Donors.
  • The Marie L. Martin Founder’s Award was established and presented to an active League member showing outstanding commitment to JLA.The first recipient was Caroline Hill.
  • The President’s “Just Do It” Awards for outstanding service were Stacey L. Blanchard – Provisional, Nancy Douglas – Active, and Elizabeth Gamble and Jane Bowen –
  • The Public Relations Committee sent out over 400 pre and post press releases for all League activities.
  • Carousel advertising & training video was produced.

Financial Resources Council:

  • The first Fall Fund Raising event was established. The Rhinestone Cowboy Gala netted $900 for the Community Assistance Donation fund. Carousel netted $24,300. A pre-Carousel sale for area shelter residents was initiated.
  • Of Tide and Thyme cookbook was published. The first printing of 5,000 copies sold, netting $6,200 with all production costs covered. Cookbook cover prints were developed and sold for additional profit. The #1 print was auctioned off at Annual Dinner. The second printing of 5,000 books was ordered.
  • Corporate and Foundation Grant Advisor’s name was changed to Resource Development Committee, with expanded scope and budget.
  • 1994-1995 grants netted $8,890 from BG&E, Hechts, Loyola Foundation – $1,000; 1st National Bank, Annapolis Bank & Trust, Annapolis Ob/Gyn Associates, Federated Department Stores – $500; ARINC, Bell Atlantic, O’Meara properties, Kahn Consulting, Chaney Enterprises, Squire Veterinary Clinic – $250 or less.

Community Impact Council:

  • COPR revised, edited and had reprinted 1,000 copies of the Teen Resource Guide for distribution to local high schools. It was a collaborative effort with the Board of Education, funded by a $750 grant from Annapolis Community Partnership.
  • Planning a Community Roundtable on Family Support began. Two projects for membership vote were presented; Emergency Baby Pantry, a partnership project with Foodlink and DDS and Annapolis Family Support Center Public Awareness Campaign. Public Policy actively supported five bills, including domestic violence legislation, Mother & Infants Health Security Act, Family Court establishment, and Probation prior to judgment for sexual offenders. The state Public Affairs Committee (SPAC) was chaired by JLA.
  • A very successful JLM Advocacy Day was attended by 40 members from Annapolis, Baltimore, and DC Leagues.
  • Projects:
    • Done in a Day participated in 2nd Back to School Book Bag project serving over 1,000 needy Anne Arundel County elementary school students from five local schools.
    • Participated in Annapolis 300 Celebration by overseeing Colonial Fair children’s games.
    • Participated in United Way Day of Caring, by having a fun day at Sandy Point State Park for Arundel Lodge patients and staff.
    • Joined forces with Kiva Committee by sprucing up Kiva House during National Make a Difference Day.
    • Participated in social time at Fairfield Nursing Home, reading day at Park Elementary School, holiday activities at Sarah’s House.
    • Gave respite relief to Alzheimer’s caretakers after attending local support group training meeting. Sponsored a Christmas in April House for a needy family.
    • Kiva Committee organized many hands-on social activities with the resident teenagers of Kiva house. Events included: Pizza party, Craft projects, Football game & Tailgate party, Friday evening reading programs, Holiday parties, Caroling, Ice skating, Bowling, Sailing, Attended a ballet performance, Held nutritional & manner training evenings, Graduation celebrations, Tutoring. Also started house library and donated bedspreads & curtains for bedrooms.
  • Some committee members also participated in surrogate parent training sessions at Board of Education. Project partially funded by AA Dept. of Parks & Recreation grant of $1,400. Kids on the Block celebrated its 10th year as a JLA project. It performed at 25 AA Co. schools, revised their productions, purchased storybooks – made possible by grants from AB&T Bank and ARINC and constructed puppet storage racks at League headquarters.

Sustainers Council:

  • Social events included pot luck salad luncheon, trips to DC, bridge & gourmet groups, holiday party.
  • They actively supported League events – December Luncheon, Carousel & Carousel Preview Party, cookbook, and Annual Dinner.
  • Organized Past President’s pictures for display at League headquarters.


  • AJLI facilitated dialog among all Leagues on the issue of gender. Discussion centered on changing our mission statement to allow men to join the organization, as many Leagues have been approached. At Annual Conference in San Francisco, membership voted to keep the organization as a women’s only volunteer organization and eliminated the previously passed policy to allow individual Leagues to allow men to join. Any League now doing so is in violation of AJLI’s rewritten Mission & Vision statements & AJLI Bylaws.

Fiscal year changed to July 1.