Mrs. Charles Parsons (Sarah Ann Smith)
333 members


  • Children’s Carousel and Auction netted $43,794.93
  • Newly established Boutique netted $2,779.59
  • Charity Day – a one time coalition for non-profit organizations with the opening of Macy’s Department Store netted $1,891.55
  • Donations made to Education is Key, Bello Machre, Martin Pollack Project, S.P.C.A. of Anne Arundel County, Scholarship for Scholars, Anne Arundel County Literacy Council, Tourism Council of Annapolis, Maryland Art Place, Maryland Hall
  • Special Donations made to Junior League of Baltimore, Inc. (in recognition of its 75th Anniversary) and Anne Arundel General Hospital Foundation, Diagnostic and Treatment Center (proceeds from Charity Day):
  • Projects include:  Kids on the Block, Basics for Young Mothers (name changed from “Teen” to “Young”), Students Against Shoplifting, Woman to Woman, Discovery Workshop, Historic Annapolis Data Bank, Hospice – A Caring Community Conference
  • Special Project:  Annapolis City Playground
  • New project accepted:  Historic Children’s Museum
  • Transfer Committee reestablished
  • Training festival held
  • Legislative Night canceled due to extreme weather conditions
  • Speakers at General Membership meetings reestablished
  • Largest Provisional Class ever (60)
  • Auction postponed for next year – to be held in fall of 1988
  • Advocated for no smoking in local high schools, for adult day care and teenage pregnancy prevention
  • Grants chairman applied for grants for Hospice Conference resulting in $5,500 in support
  • Goals and Objectives reaffirmed with new format established by Advisory Committee
  • Position statements reaffirmed with an additional statement supporting the Handicapped
  • 13 women sent to training and enrichment programs across the country
  • Discovery Workshop turned over to Maryland Hall volunteers