Mrs. D. Martin Harrell (Mary Caroline Elmore)
235 members


  • Children’s Carousel fund-raiser raised $24,092
  • Projects:  Parenting and Drugs, Discovery Workshop
  • Conference:  Positive Parenting, Loving and Leading our Children of the ‘80’s
  • New projects approved:  Operation Shoplift, Movin’ On, Kids on the Block
  • Donations made to Arundel Hospice, Chemical People, Maryland Hall, YWCA Women’s Center
  • Voted to redecorate rooms at new Battered Spouse Shelter
  • Annapolis chaired Junior Leagues of Maryland (S.P.A.C.)
  • Held second Legislative Night
  • Reaffirmed position statements:  Chesapeake Bay, drunk driving, arts, homeless and needy
  • Broadened position statement on women
  • Changed fiscal year
  • Researched headquarters rental
  • Proposed By laws changes to and add president-elect in 1985-86
  • First Community Advisory Board established