Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Junior League of Annapolis welcomes all women who value our Mission. We are committed to inclusive environments of individuals, organizations, and communities.

JLA is committed to a membership and outreach that reflects the rich diversity of the community we serve. We welcome and value the unique backgrounds and perspectives of our members in an endeavor to foster an inclusive environment to promote the development of women. JLA adopted DEI into its mission in 2019 and created a DEI Officer position on the Board. The DEI Team is responsible for ensuring JLA’s projects, programs, and operations are designed to meet the needs of all in our organization and community. The DEI Team is a second placement and has volunteer representatives across JLA’s councils:

  • Sarah Amyot, 2020-2022 DEI Officer
  • Anisha Dewan, Financial Strategies
  • Dana Ogle, Community Outreach and Project Research
  • Dawna Dilworth, Done in a Day
  • Jennifer Knutson, Education and Training  
  • Jenny Zollars, Done in a Day
  • Katina Robinson Wright, Marketing
  • Kellie Gaither, Gala
  • Megan Brady, Coaching for Life
  • Megan Sundberg, Provisional
  • Melanie Lampton, Placement
  • Ronisca Chambers, Recruitment and Engagement