Coaching For Life

In the spring of 2018, Junior League of Annapolis selected the Serenity Sistas’ program “Coaching for Life” as its community partner, from 2018 through 2021.

Serenity Sistas’ is a leading organization in Anne Arundel County, and — at its inception in 2012 — the first of its kind in Annapolis Maryland. Their mission is to provide women in recovery from alcohol or substance abuse with a chance to re-enter life. They do so by providing support and the structure of a positive, productive sober living environment, thus empowering them a new way of life, as well as a renewed self-image.

In what has been a growing trend in Serenity Sistas’ population of clients in Annapolis, they are serving women in recovery, aged 18 to 25, with a primary focus on clients with an opioid addiction. 

Given the alarming increase in opioid use by our county’s youth, the population of young women seeking treatment and housing has also risen. The sharp increase in heroin use among women, coupled with the fact that they are simply not getting the treatment they need, is frightening.

Those who fall into the destructive cycle of addiction also fail to keep up with their basic needs and need to re-learn fundamental life skills. Serenity Sistas’ has noted this trend and strives to be part of the solution by offering safe, sober and structured supportive housing.

While the addict or alcoholic works to maintain long-term recovery, Serenity Sistas’ works with them to bridge the gap from a lifestyle centered around their addiction, back into a healthy lifestyle. Their “Coaching for Life” program is designed to support this transition and their new routine.

Residents of Serenity Sistas’ — all of whom are long-term residents — receive multiple services including: mental health and wellness counseling, relapse trigger identification, and peer support as part of their stay.

However, the women that come to stay with Serenity Sistas’ often lack the life skills we often take for granted; skills that are necessary for full participation in everyday life. By partnering with the women of JLA, “Coaching for Life” will offer soft and hard life skill training such as: resume writing, job interviewing, nutritional and healthy practices; budgeting; and communication and parenting skills.

“These ladies need help to build up their self-esteem and self-sufficiency skills, things needed to build the bridge into a happy, healthy and productive life.” says Angel Traynor, Executive Director of Serenity Sistas’.